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Tania Viit - Isbrud


Dansk / English

Tania Viit Djadakhan

Born: `69, Copenhagen.
Raised in Silkeborg.
Educated: århus Musikkonservatorium, 2003.
Contemporary singer-songwriter, performer & recording-artist.

Tania Viit is a Danish contemporary singer-songwriter who sings in her native language.


Tania Viit has recorded selfwritten material, and has
translated / covered / recorded more than 30 songs into Danish language.

She has performed for more than 20 years in different constellations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and England, and has worked with a great variety of Scandinavian musicians connected with the acoustic roots scene.

Tania Viit had her first album, "Mysterier og Mirakler"
( Mysteries and Miracles ) in '99, and is currently recording her follow-up album..


Danish roots, an exotic set of Northern and Eastern European instruments and a wide-open interest in other cultures are the features of this specific orchestra.


Tania Viit´s sound is based on both contemporary and traditional Nordic folk -

"...The new generation of singer-songwriters has provided us with many good -autentic-sounding performers. One that stands out is Tania Viit. Her songs ooze with the quality of lived life, humour, distance and wit... - And what an outstanding vocalist she is..."

Allan Olsen - Danish multi-award-winning songwriter, recording artist, and performer.

"My philosophy in life is that everything is love"...


Tania Viit kvartet feat. Aske Jacoby

Koncerter 2013

D. 31 januar - Det Brunske Pakhus

D. 1. februar - Byens Hus i Jelling

D. 2. februar - Godset i Kolding

D. 17. april kl. 20.00 - Kulturhuset Galaksen

D. 25. maj kl. 14.35 - Jelling Musik Festival (Spavillionen) - Tania Viit Kvintet feat. Aske Jacoby

D. 8. august - Lund, Sverige

D. 16. august kl. 17.40. Copenhagen Songwriters Festival. Beboerhus, Onkel Dannys Plads 7, 1711 Kbh. V. -

D. 22. november - Louisiana Museum, Fredags-lounge
Tania Viit Kvartet feat. Aske Jacoby

Koncerter 2014


Danish Roots - Growing in the World

Tania Viit & Danish Roots - read more about it on:

The project, "Danish Roots - Growing" in the World were started in 2006, with the purpose of strengthening and promoting danish roots- and folkmusic on the International Scene, in cooperation with the participating bands.

Du kan kontakte Tania via:


Facebook: facebook

MySpace: myspace

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Fotograf: Ole Lauritsen

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